Business Improvement District Partnership Programme

The newly-introduced  Business Improvement District Partnership Programme recognizes that business activity is a key driver for economic performance in the Auckland region.


Auckland Council recognizes that because Auckland contributes such a large share to the national economy, a supportive business environment is essential to maintain and grow the local economy, to provide employment opportunites and ensure a resilient economy.


The Business Improvement District Partnership Programme (BIDPP) allows Council to collaborate with the business sector to improve our local business environment.


They work with business improvement districts (BIDs) in a defined geographical area. The relationship is based on a partnership model between Auckland Council and the BID.


Read more about how BIDs work and the BID Policy


BIDs contribute to the local economy through:

  • enterprise and business creation
  • skill and expertise development 
  • investment attraction 
  • innovation encouragement 
  • increasing competitiveness.

BIDs undertake many activities, including: 

  • looking after the local street environment (e.g. providing cleaning services in addition to our existing services, beautification projects)
  • safety and security
  • marketing and promotion
  • collective purchasing agreements
  • events
  • service provision (additional to our standard services)
  • local improvement projects
  • advocacy to local and central government and agencies
  • business development, mentoring, networking and training
  • communications
  • sustainability and resilience planning
  • urban form (e.g. heritage projects or improving the accessibility of businesses)
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