Family Violence in New Zealand is Among the Highest in the World

Here is a short summary of the talk to the Highbrook Rotary Club by Jill Proudfoot of Shine about Family Violence in New Zealand. 
    • New Zealand has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the World
    • Men are usually the main perpetrators 
    • Rates of domestic violence tend to be highest with Maori / Pacific Island and some new immigrant communities
    • With higher socio-economic groups it is usually of a more psychological nature (manipulation)
    • The ‘It’s NOT OK’ programme is creating awareness of the problem and is helping people to talk about the problem
    • Shine works mainly with the Police who refer families undergoing difficulties
    • The children are often the passive ‘victims’
    • Family violence usually leads to increasing family poverty
    • New Zealand has a long way to go in addressing this problem

    Click here to read more about the work that Shine does to help address the problem of family violence 

Click here to read about the Highbrook Rotary Club. The club meets on the first three Tuesday mornings for breakfast between 7 am and 8.30 am at the Waipuna Conference Centre at the Crossing in Highbrook.

You are welcome to attend.

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