Funding for Local Community Groups

The Howick Local Board provides funding for local community groups and organisations in recognition for the important role they play in developing vibrant and engaged communities.


Through the Howick Local Board Community Grants Fund, these groups can be assisted to deliver programmes and events that benefit the entire community.


Funding recipients represent a cross section of the Howick area, from cultural to sporting groups, youth and the arts.


Howick Local Board Deputy Chair Adele White says, “Each group has unique skills and differences – they offer our community a wealth of opportunities and we are proud to offer funding to support them.”


Some of the groups that have received funding from round two of the Howick Local Board Community Grants Fund include:

  • Bhartiya Samaj Charitable Trust, which provides transport for seniors to attend activities
  • Howick Radio Charitable Trust, which helps local radio stations with broadcasting
  • The Parenting Place – Youth Division, which delivers handbooks and programmes for secondary schools in Howick.

Funding has also been granted to Life Education Trust, which provides programmes for children to make informed choices about their health, respect others and learn to appreciate their uniqueness.


Click here to check out whether or not our community group qualifies for a community grant. 

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