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I grew up surrounded by countryside and water, playing in the trees, on the beach and riding my horses with the wind in my hair. Painting and drawing were how I expressed my love of the outdoors once I came inside. Right from when I was very little, a favourite gift would be a ‘paint by numbers’ book where I could use proper paints and make an image appear, like magic!

During my school years I had an inspirational teacher to thank for giving me immense confidence in my art – he told me that if I applied myself I could be the best and achieve 100%. Later that year when my school certificate results said 100%, his inspirational words materialised into reality. My portfolio toured New Zealand schools for 2 years and I later I gained a scholarship bursary for my paintings and sold in local exhibitions.

I decided that I wanted to expand my horizons, travel and explore. My painting has evolved with this. I have been influenced by the work of the great Masters, the teachings of a number of artists in Asia and Europe and by the people, the dance, the storms I have allowed to permeate into my being.

The result are paintings that express the movement and energy of a specific piece of time. They are full of passion and give you a small piece of me.”

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