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The biggest challenge that I hear on a daily basis is “I want to lose weight”. 
What you really mean is, I want to LOSE FAT!! The most effective way to lose fat is through diet AND exercise.


So how do we achieve weight loss? If you only changed your diet but did no exercise, you would lose muscle, bone density and water content along with fat. The number on the scales can be very misleading…  it doesn’t tell you the real picture!
If you lose muscle tissue, then your body’s metabolism slows down and you will find it even harder to lose weight. But increase your lean muscle, and your body turns into a fat burning metabolic MACHINE!! Your body can become up to 30 years younger using the right system!  Think about how you’ll look and feel if you dropped 30 years off the age of your body…

And since every body is different, chances are that too-good-to-be-true internet diet, or the weight loss program that worked for your workmate, isn’t going to work for you!


The approach we need to take in order for you to lose weight is to include the right exercise, and tailor an eating plan just for you. The eating plan needs to be one that you enjoy, includes the foods you love, and is sustainable for the long term.


Often this can mean just changing the calorie loading during the day, and/or switching a few options out for better choices. Sometimes we will recommend a top quality supplement to address vitamin and/or mineral deficiency, or assist with cellular regeneration (reduction of free radicals and the like!).


We never take a red pen to your diet and get you to start from scratch… If you can’t live without your chocolate, no worries you can still eat that!


And the great thing about the right exercise through the Busy Body system, you only need 12 minutes of effort per week!! This system is for both males and females – our biology is essentially the same, except that a few key hormones dictate how our bodies respond. Females get lean, toned and sexy, males get more muscly and buff.


So if you are looking to lose weight, and enjoy better health, call us now for a free assessment of your situation. 

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