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If you are looking for private maths and science tuition, and/or other educational help for your child, Kip McGrath Pakuranga is the place to go. We are part of a New Zealand’s largest professional, private maths, science and English tuition provider, using only qualified and experienced teachers.


We provide professional and affordable private maths and science tuition and English tuition programs for students of all ages and levels in educational ability. We also provide tuition for reading, spelling, comprehension and writing skills. We currently have more than 600 centres operating in 20 countries around the world.


We believe that all our students deserve a well-qualified and positive teacher who knows the New Zealand curriculum and the appropriate levels. All our tutors are talented science, maths and English teachers who build a close personal rapport with their students.


We invite all parents and caregivers to be a part of our students’ success by maintaining a close relationship with their maths or science tutor and getting weekly feedback. Improved school results and increasing confidence are the two key components that we look for in every Kip McGrath student.



  • Reading and comprehension
  • Writing and Spelling
  • English
  • Maths


While the primary focus is to improve or extend a child’s learning outcomes, the real value in attending a Kip McGrath Education Centre is the teachers that tutor at each centre. For our tutors, teaching is not a job, it is a vocation, and we have teachers who can provide excellent private science and maths tuition, help with writing and spelling as well as reading and comprehension.


Delivering a curriculum that is proven, each child is assessed according to the National Curriculum and a program is written for that child based on their individual needs. With a dedicated teacher and loads of support and encouragement, every Kip McGrath student can experience success.


Kip McGrath – Smart education for the next generation!


So if you are looking for a private maths and science tuition and/or English tuition that will improve your child’s confidence, encourage them to enjoy learning and help them improve or extend their literacy and numeracy, contact your Pakuranga Kip McGrath Education Centre today.




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Siut 9 Preofessional Center 267 Pakuranga Road ,Pakuranga ,2010 Auckland
-36.9085863, 174.88441779999994
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