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If you enjoy South Indian food, then Kairali South Indian restaurant is the place for you. There you will get to enjoy authentic Indian Cuisine that will surely satisfy your appetite as well as your taste buds.


The origins and basis of South Indian food lie with the ancient Indian civilization of India that was called Harappa and Mohenjodaro. The Dravidians or inhabitants of these civilizations were urban and not agrarian.


They sowed the seeds of Ayurveda, or Life Sciences, which is the foundation of Indian cuisine. This system was derived after studying the physical needs, mental needs and needs of our psychology and spirituality.


Today South Indian food is enjoyed worldwide. It is one of the most popular cuisines across the globe. It is widely accepted not only by the Indian Diaspora but also the wider society. The popularity can only be compared with Italian pizzas. Indian spices play a vital role in the taste and value of the Indian cuisine.



The role of spices and herbs goes beyond just cooking.
Ancient Ayurvedic texts prescribe the herbs and spices for curative and therapeutic functions. Ayurvedic scripts dating back to 3000 years, list the preventive and curative properties of various spices.


  1. Curative Properties: Most spices used in Indian cooking are very healthy, and make the digestion process much easier. 
  2. Preserving Foods: Spices have been used to make the food last longer in the days when refrigerators were not available.
  3. Balancing Tastes and Properties of Food: Each spice has a property-not just a taste property, but a warm or cooling property to it, along with many others. The cook generally understands these properties and cooking is elevated to yet another level by using this knowledge of spices into the cooking.

For the most authentic South Indian food, try Kairali South Indian Restaurant soon

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