Are the New Streets in Ormiston Too Narrow?

Some local residents are finding that the streets in some of the new subdivisions in Ormiston do not allow room for parking. Local residents are often forced to park on the  verge or across the footpath in front of their house.


This has triggered a Council-led crackdown on these offenders, but as was pointed out to a local Councillor, Dick Quax, this problem was often the result of the streets being too narrow, yellow lines down one side of the street, and not enough off-street parking areas.


In addition to this, Aucklanders love their cars (in some cases house-owners own up to seven cars), and s there is a need to provide better public transport in the Ormiston area.


Perhaps this is all the more reason to apply a congestion charge for car users? There is also a need for a better bus service in to these new areas of Ormiston.

The other ting that causes people to park their cars in the street is that many house-owners use their garage as an extra kitchen/dining area or bedroom.  

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