Progress on Flat Bush Development

The new Flat Bush development has a strong focus on people and the environment. 


Approximately 27 per cent of the catchment is protected from development 
and 45 km of gullies and streams will be protected and enhanced. Auckland Council has increased the amount of native bush substantially.


Mobility around the Flat Bush area is serviced by a 3 m wide walking/cycling track that follows these planted gullies, providing a unique feature of pedestrian and cycling access. 
The 94ha Barry Curtis Park, in conjunction with the town centre, will form the heart and soul of the Flat Bush community with a path connecting the two. 


The Flat Bush project has been ongoing for a number of years and the comprehensive approach was key to it being internationally recognised with a gold award at the International Liveable Community Awards held in London in 2007. 


Flat Bush/Ormiston is becoming an exciting area to live as evidenced by the rapid development of new housing areas and the town centre, which is about to launch with the opening of the new Pak n Save supermarket..

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